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Shadowlover4444 has started a donation pool!
29 / 10,000
Hi~ Here is all the Info, you will need when you are asking for a Point Comm.


:bulletgreen: I Do Draw Oc's and I will write Stories for you C:

:bulletred: I WILL NOT Write or draw ANYTHING that breaks DAs Rules!

:bulletblue: Please ask about couplings, Because I dont want a war with my watchers

:bulletred: Please Dont rush me C:, You will get it Dont Worry

Thank You!~


Picture No Background shading can be added if wanted.

Ex: ..::DeviantART ID::.. by Shadowlover4444
8 points

Picture with a simple Background and shading (1 person)

Ex: ..::Angela::.. by Shadowlover4444
10 points

Image with advance Background + shading (1 or more people)


Mature Content

..::Zombie Apocalypse::.. by Shadowlover4444

22 points

Extra People - 2 points (Max: 6 people in one picture)

Please go ahead and place your order~


Thank you all for Donating C: I will try to get working on your Picture as soon as possible PLEASE Dont rush me Thank you and have a great day CX

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Yeah, i might post stuff once every blue moon but other wise this thing is dead for the most part. Sorry
o mf god what is this? someone burn this account please
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Oh yeah this still exists........... Well fuck.
I should probably update.....
So yeah, I'll be posting a Creepypasta story here soon and some art....
Your welcome? I guess....
I'm probably gonna forget again
I'll try not to.
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Hello, My name is Jen, and I was a third year student at the University of California. I studied medical chemistry, and as of late things have just gone horribly wrong. You see I lived with a roommate named Amy. She dropped out a while ago, but we were good friends and at the time and she needed a place to stay so, she lived with me in a fairly small apartment. Everything was normal, great in fact! We got along: I was doing well in school, had a good part time job that paid the bills, it was perfect. well until one day; My friend was really into finding weird things like myths and legends and stupid "repost this in 40 seconds or you'll die" kind of stuff. At first it was harmless, I mean we even made jokes about it, wrote stories and would make those fake spam messages. It was fun, but that all changed when she bought a... "DVD". It was a Thursday and she heard that the local video store was shutting down, this would mean we could get all the movies we wanted for a lot cheaper then normal. Though to be completely honest I didn't want to go. I had an exam the next morning and I'd rather be studying then be a in small, run down video store filled with people. The car ride there was just me complaining.

"This is stupid"
"What? It's not stupid at all! Come on Jen, lighten up!"
"I don't have to lighten up for anything, I have my final exam in the morning, I should be studying!"
"You have been studying for three days straight! You need some fresh air! Come on it will be fun"
"That's what said last time, and because of you, I stayed up way to late, I almost failed my exam! I understand that you are not in school anymore, but you have to understand that I am!"
"You can't let that go, can you?"

The rest of the ride to the store was awkward, by the time we arrived I was in a very bad mood. It didn't take us long to get out of the car and go into the old run down store, But before I even entered I got bad feeling, but shrugged it off. I soon followed my friend inside, and started browsing. Nothing really caught my eye and if anything did. I already owned it. Getting bored and wanting to leave, I saw my roommate getting all hyped up over a certain DVD.
At first I thought it was something like American horror stories or a show along those lines, but I was wrong she came running up to me holding a plain DVD with simple text saying 'Lost Episode'. At first I must admit I was rather confused. lost episode, Lost episode of what? The golden girls? While my mind was thinking of a hundred different series, I all of the sudden got the feeling again that I had before I entered the store. I was completely wrapped up in my own thoughts, and I had forgotten my roommate was talking to me.

"Hello? Earth to Jen!! Are you listening?"
"Huh? What? What did you say?"
"I said! This is exactly what I'm looking for!"
"You don't even know what it is though! Or where its from! For all we know it could be a crappy soap opera!"
"Exactly! That's part of the fun!"
"And lost episode? Doesn't that sound a little weird I mean, it's probably lost for a reason! I don't think it's a good idea!"
"Oh come on Jen! Lighten up!"

Lighten up, that's all she ever said when we didn't agree, and I'd normally give up and go along with it, but today was different. I didn't go along with it instead, I got angry, I don't know why I did I just did.

"No! Not this time! I'm not getting that- no WE are not getting it! I'm serious this time Amy! No means no"
"Whatever, I'm getting it anyway. You don't have to watch it!"

And she stormed off and bought the damn thing, the car ride back to our apartment was filled with me muttering curses and every so often looking down at the DVD and feeling sick, but I blamed it on the take out I had earlier. When we pulled up to are parking spot, Amy jumped out and ran and unlocked the front door to our building, running to our apartment. I followed slowly, and by the time I entered are small flat and closed the door, she was already in her room, with the door shut. I put my bag down by the door and walked down to my room, we didn't get anything else no other DVDs not even anything to eat, because the damn DVD cost fifty bucks, even with the thing on sale!  With that kind of money I could of gotten the entire godfather trilogy for cheaper! I was angry and tired so I went straight to bed, completely ignoring my roommate. As soon as I got in bed I fell asleep. Not even two hours had passed and my roommate came running into my room, and shaking me awake.

"Jen! Jen! Jen, wake up! Wake up!"
"Huh? Amy what is it?"
"Ok um, that DVD was um... Uh"
"I told you it was a bad idea! Just calm down it's just a DVD, go back to bed"
"Go back to bed"

Amy, soon stopped talking and left to go to bed, I soon feel back to sleep, and I woke up the next morning and Amy was still asleep, which was a little weird since she usually was up before me. Though I blamed it on the fact that she stayed up late, and got dressed and left for my exam. By the time I got back she was up, but looked sick, not like she had a cold or anything, like she's seen the devil. Her foot was tapping extremely fast, she was looking everywhere and she had bags under her eyes. I walked over to her to see if she was ok, but she ended up snapping at me and stormed back to her room. This went on for days, each day getting worse and worse. I got really worried, and I was right to be worried... especially when it happened. I was in my room working on some stuff, when I heard a thud. Not a thud you hear when a book drops, no like someone falling and hitting the floor.

I jumped up from my bed and went to go check to see if Amy was ok, and when I got to her room, I found her on the floor looking like she was having a seizure. Her body shaking violently, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her she had a cut on her head from hitting her desk. I looked over at her desk and on her screen showed static and it sounded like it was chanting something I didn't understand. I soon ran to grab my phone from the dining room table and I called 911. They came so fast and took her away, that I had too get in my car and drive after. When we got to the hospital, she was treated and was laying there, unconscious. I waited by her bed for her to wake up, so I could find out what the hell happened! By the time she woke up, she looked sad and scared and I asked what happened. She tried to explain to me what happened, about how the DVD showed her "things"....things she couldn't explain with normal words. I nodded and told her as soon as we got back, we would burn it, and we did. As soon as she left the hospital and we got back to our partment, we burned the damn DVD.

I wasn't gonna take any chances. I told her after I cleaned up for her to go to bed and rest, which I wished I didn't, I wish I told her to stay up or to stay with me or something else, ANYTHING ELSE! Because that night when I went to bed, I heard another thud. This time I ran to her room, and open the door in seconds... and I saw her... Standing there... holding a knife. She didn't say anything, she didn't do anything, she just looked at me holding the knife, her eyes blank of feeling. I was shocked, I didn't move, I just stood there like in idiot! I didn't take the knife from her, I didn't tell to put down, I did nothing but stand in shock!... and that's when she did it, that's when she stabbed herself at least forty times in the abdomen, I screamed as i watched my best friend fall to the floor, running over to her, she laid there chanting the exact same thing that was on her computer screen before we burned the DVD, and she died like that. I held in my arms and cried. I didn't understand what was going on. I sat there sobbing over her dead body. By the time I got up and called 911 in was an hour later. Since then, I've dropped out of school, and moved. I sold all her things, my bills are through the roof, I haven't even eaten in the last few days.

Amy didn't ask for this, no one did. As I sit here; telling you this story. I can't help but wonder... What was on that DVD?
Here's a creepypasta I wrote.....cause why the fuck not lol


Shadowlover4444's Profile Picture
Angela Witch of Time~
Artist | Student | Digital Art
☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
Sup Bitches! I'm Angela ( =ヮ= )೨
I am a 16 year old, who does nothing but eat, play video games and draw.


:bulletred: "Can I have a Request?"
No, But commissions are open.

:bulletblue: "Why did you unwatch me?"
Ethier I did not wish to view your art anymore or for resaon's on a personal level.

:bulletred: "Do you RP?"
Yes I do.

:bulletgreen: "Wanna be friends?"
Friendship is something you earn, by trust and loyality not by clicking a button.
Try talking to me and we'll see what happens.

:bulletblue: "Can you teach me how to draw?"
Grab some paper and a pencil and draw a line.
Congrats! you drew a picture!

:bulletred: "Can I draw your characters?"
Yes! Anyone can, as long as you don't draw them in a inappropriate manor, Its totally okay!

:bulletred: "why did you block -Insert Person Here-?"
Due to issue's with that person, I had to block them so that no more conflict would arise.

:bulletpurple: "Can you Give me Points/watch/fav/llama?"

:bulletblue: "Why are you such a Jerk?"
Why are you asking me this?

:bulletred: "Do you hate me?"
I Will not answer this

:bulletpurple: "Can you just delete your acccont?"
Nah to much work :)

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Yeah, i might post stuff once every blue moon but other wise this thing is dead for the most part. Sorry

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